Institutional Injera Stoves

Injera Cooker PlanWorking with GTZ/Sun Energy Ethiopia, we are disseminating institutional rocket stoves, household stoves and improved Injera cookers. We are also collaborating with GTZ and Dale Andreatta (Ohio State University) to develop an improved institutional Injera cooker that will replace the inefficient ceramic cooking plate with a metal plate that is optimized for maximum heat transfer. 


Injera cooker

The production of injera has huge economic and environmental costs for Ethiopia. For example, Timret is a women's collective that employs 62 women. 48 are directly involved in the production of Injera. The entire group bakes 12-13,000 Injera per day on 20 stoves and sells each Injera for USD .17. They spend ETB 30,000 (roughly USD 3,000) per month for wood fuel.

Funding for development of the Institutional Stove Design Tool and part of the original funding for this web site were provided by the Ashden Trust.