Institutional Rocket Stove Design Tool

The Institutional Rocket Stove Design Tool allows you to produce detailed designs for three different types of institutional rocket stoves. You specify pot and material dimensions, and the tool generates a custom set of Rocket stove plans.

New Design Tool Launched for Constructing an Institutional Rocket Stove with Chimney

chimneystovegraphicrotatedchimneystoveThanks to funding from GTZ-HERA, Rocket and Prakti Design Lab have developed a new automated tool that allows users to build a customized institutional rocket stove. The tool can be used to instantly design a brick or metal institutional rocket stove with or without chimney for any institutional pot (30 L + capacity) .

Click here to start designing your stove.

Due to the coding limitations of the Perl script , the tool can only be used with Firefox.

Many thanks to the individuals that worked on the tool: Julien Fortin wrote the Perl script; Hilawe Lakew wrote the Excel; our Ethos interns (Michael Naleid, Candida Crasto and Michael Braman) worked with GTZ-ECO to beta test and edit the manual in Ethiopia this past summer; and Peter Scott designed the stove and wrote the manual.

Institutional Rocket Stove Manual (PDF 1.8MB)

This revised (November 2008 edition) edition of the institutional rocket stove manual has been published with the support of the GTZ - Promotion of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Programme (PREEEP), for use as a training tool for stove artisans.

This manual describes the step-by-step construction procedure of the modified institutional rocket stoves with the bypass air inlet.

Institutional rocket stove test results published in Ethiopia

Click here for the latest test results from Ethiopia of the institutional rocket stove with and without chimney, as well as the tikikil/household rocket stove.

Funding for development of the Institutional Stove Design Tool and part of the original funding for this web site were provided by the Ashden Trust.