Rocket Stove Design Tool Instructions

NOTE: The design tool requires the Firefox web browser. The tool uses Java script commands not supported by Internet Explorer or Safari.
You can obtain a free copy of Firefox here .
Please make a suitable donation for the use of the design tool. The funds generated from your donation will be used to develop other rocket stove design tools for bread ovens and household stoves.

The design tool allows you to select from three different types of institutional rocket stoves. The hyperlink below will take you to a new page where you can input pot and material dimensions. After you enter all of the relevant information, the tool will produce a custom set of Rocket stove plans.

The stove options are:
  • fixed brick stove (w/out chimney)
  • portable metal stove with square combustion chamber (w/out chimney)
  • portable metal stove with circular combustion chamber (with chimney)
Other manuals also exist for constructing institutional rocket stoves.
If, for example, you do not have consistent access to the Internet, you can download the PDF guide and the accompanying Excel sheet for a portable metal stove with square combustion chamber (without chimney). Here are the links:
It is also possible to construct a fixed brick stove with chimney utilizing this non-automated manual from GTZ-PREEEP (PDF 1.8MB).
Funding for development of the Institutional Stove Design Tool and part of the original funding for this web site were provided by the Ashden Trust.