Rocket Stove Design Tool With Chimney Option 2012

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The Rocket Stove Design Tool allows you to design a cooking stove around a specific cooking pot dimensions. If you already own a cooking pot, and would like to build a stove for it, this is for you! You will need to measure the cooking pot carefully to get a good fit.

The design tool is able to produce 4 different institutional stove designs:

- Brick Stove without Chimney
- Rectangular Metal Stove without Chimney
- Circular Metal Stove without Chimney (temporarily disabled)
- Rectangular Stove with Chimney

If you need more explanation about the different type of metal stoves (metal stove with rectangular combustion chamber or metal stove with circular combustion chamber) or about the different parameters and components of the metal stove, please download and read following PDF document: Explanation for Metal Stove, for brick stoves, use the following: Explanation for Brick Stove

Please enter the measurements needed below, and press "Go!". This program will create a document (PDF) with drawings of a Rocket stove designed specifically for your pot, complete with all dimensions.

Please enter all values in millimeters (mm).
What type of stove do you intend?
What type of steel stove do you want?
Pot outside circumference: mm (200 to 2000 mm)
Pot height to top of rim: mm (100 to 2000 mm)
Pot height to bottom of handle: mm (leave blank if pot has no handle)
Brick length: mm (only needed for brick stoves)
Brick width: mm (only needed for brick stoves)
Brick height: mm (only needed for brick stoves)
Material used for the pot stabilizer
Thickness of middle ring flat bar mm (1.5 to 3 mm)

That's all we need!
Now click "Go!" to create the design drawings for your stove.
Sample stove values

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